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Scriptures on Financial BreakthroughYet You Do Not Have Because You Do Not Ask (James chapter 4, verse 2 -The Maxwell Leadership Bible).

This is an age old statement attributed to God. At 4 James 2 we strive to create an open forum that allows open minds to share and discuss ideas.

Could this be the reason why the majority of so-called religious masses around the world remain poor?

Does the Christian Holy Book hold the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE)?

What is The Creator of the Universe capable of providing?

Do scriptures on financial breakthrough mean anything to the religious masses?

Here are some of the issues we discuss:

  • Does God want People to be Wealthy?
  • How do the Poor and the Rich understand the 10% Principle of Wealth?
  • Do Religious people under estimate the Power of Financial Breakthrough Prayer?
  • Religion and Poverty
  • Religion and Wealth